The upside-down world

Author: Eduardo Galeano
Book: Upside Down, a Primer for the Looking-Glass World

The upside-down world rewards in reverse: it scorns honesty, punishes work, prizes lack of scruples, and feeds cannibalism. Its professors slander nature: injustice, they say, is a law of nature.

Description is interiorization

Author: Lucius Shepard
Book: Paragons: Twelve Master Science Fiction Writers Ply Their Crafts

All effective descriptive writing is fueled by character and is in the essence a form of interiorization. What is seen and described is purportedly not seen and described by the author, but rather through the eyes of the point-of-view character; thus everything that character sees must mirror what he or she is feeling. If you character is angry or upset, what he sees of, say, a room will be different than what he sees when feeling calm.

I am not a camera

Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Book: The Language of the Night: Essays on Fantasy and Science Fiction

If any artist tells you 'I am a camera,' or 'I am mirror,' distrust him instantly, he's fooling you, pulling a fast one. Artists are people who are not at all interested in the facts--only in the truth. You get the facts from the outside. The truth you get from the inside.