Nonviolence is for the strong

Author: Ghandi

Nonviolence is for the strong. I will not preach nonviolence to a mouse to the point of being devoured by a cat. The weak have no option but violence or passive resistance. I am preaching nonviolence in India because I don’t see why 300 million people should be afraid of 150,000 British troops. They are the strong. They should thus use nonviolence to achieve their political goals.

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About the Author

Hi. My name is Jeremiah John. I'm a sf/f writer and activist.

I just completed a dystopian science fiction novel. I run a website which I created that connects farms with churches, mosques, and synagogues to buy fresh vegetables directly and distribute them on a sliding scale to those in need.

In 2003, I spent six months in prison for civil disobedience while working to close the School of the Americas, converting to Christianity, as one does, while I was in the clink.