To Carry a Sin

Author: Kasulis
Book: Zen Action, Zen Person, Page #46

“Coming to a ford in a river, two Zen monks met a beautiful maiden who asked assistance in getting across because of the depth and strength of the current. The first monk hesitated, starting to make apologies—the rules of his order forbade physical contact with women. The second monk, on the other hand, without a moment’s hesitation picked her up and carried her across. With a parting gesture of thanks, the young woman continued on her way, the two monks going off in the other direction. After some time, the first monk said to the second, “You shouldn’t have picked her up like that—the rules forbid it.” The second monk replied in surprise, “You must be very tired indeed! As soon as we had crossed the river I put her down. But you! You have been carrying her all this time!

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About the Author

Hi. My name is Jeremiah John. I'm a sf/f writer and activist.

I just completed a dystopian science fiction novel. I run a website which I created that connects farms with churches, mosques, and synagogues to buy fresh vegetables directly and distribute them on a sliding scale to those in need.

In 2003, I spent six months in prison for civil disobedience while working to close the School of the Americas, converting to Christianity, as one does, while I was in the clink.