Life after Ragnarok

Author: Neil Gaiman
Book: Norse Mythology, Page #263

This is the end. But there is always what will come after the end.

From the gray waters of the ocean, the green earth will arise once more.

The sun will have been eaten, but the sun's daughter will shine in the place of her mother, and the new sun will shine even more brightly than the old, shine with young light and new.

The woman and the man, Life and Life's Yearning, will come out from inside the ash tree that holds the the worlds together. They will feed upon the dew on the green earth, and they will make love, and from their love will spring mankind.

Asgard will be gone, but Idavoll will stand where Asgard once stood, splendid and continual.

Odin's sons Vidar and Vali will arrive in Idavoll. Next will come Thor's sons, Modi and Magni. They will bring Mjolnir between them, because now that Thor is gone it will take two of them to carry it."
-Gaiman, Norse Mythology page 263-264

I love this. I love thinking about the fact that even if humanity destroys itself through climate change, life will begin anew.

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