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Social Location at Wild Goose

At Wild Goose, I was humbled to be among justice-seeking Christians seeking to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

I see a deep connection between the personal practice of simple living and activism for social change. While I struggle to live justly, particularly in my everyday purchasing decisions (as Julie Clawson advises!), I often don't live as simply as I could. Sometimes I take shortcuts, going out for lunch, driving my car to work, or buying something to solve a problem that actually requires time I lack because of overcommitment.

Lying as truth-telling in the context of the Holocaust

Author: Peter Rollins
Book: How (not) To Speak of God, Page #61

"...let us imagine that we are hiding some Jews in our house in Germany during the Second World War. Early one morning some soldiers come to our door as part of a routine check and ask if we are housing any Jews. In response to this question we have three options:

  1. we regretfully say 'yes', acknowledging that we are held under a higher moral law which requires that we do not deceive
  2. we say 'no', judging that it is the lesser of two evils
  3. we say 'no' and feel happy we told the truth
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