.gitignore by branch


Have you ever wanted to .gitignore a file by branch?

The classic example for me here is versioning the generated styles.css file on master (which is deployed to production) but not on develop (which is used for pull requests).

Versioning the styles.css file can result in merge conflicts or PRs that are just messy.

Here's the script I wrote.

Read the comments for installation notes.

# This is designed to allow per-branch un-ignoring of certain files.
# Use case: Compiled CSS files on master to push to server.
# A special .gitignore file will be present on master at
# {$gitignorePath}/{$disabledMasterGitignoreName} and that file should 
# enable the css files using the ! flag. @https://git-scm.com/docs/gitignore
# When the branch specified by script parameters
# is checked out, {$gitignorePath}/{$disabledMasterGitignoreName} is 
# copied to .gitignore. 
# On other branches this gitignore file is named $disabledMasterGitignoreName, versioned,
# and {$gitignorePath}.gitignore will be deleted. Note, you must ignore 
# {$gitignorePath}.gitignore from your main .gitignore file
# To enable put this file in your path and call this script
# in .git/hooks/post-checkout with pass a list of single-space-separated branches that
# will enable the branch-specific .gitignore.
# One caveat is that you can only merge into the branch containing the .gitignore
# file. Otherwise you'll end up re-committing the files. This is fine if you are
# using gitflow and `master` contains your special .gitigore using the ! syntax
# that is un-ignoring files.
# Background: @http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29579546/git-excludesfile-for-a-branch
set -e                                                                           
branch=$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD)
gitignoreRoot="$(git rev-parse --show-toplevel)/${gitignorePath}"
if [ -f "${gitignorePath}/.gitignore" ]
if [ -f "${gitignorePath}/${disabledMasterGitignoreName}" ]
IFS=' ' read -a params <<< "$@"
if [[ " ${params[@]} " =~ " ${branch} " ]]
  if [ $disabledMasterGitignoreExists ]
    cp -f "${gitignoreRoot}/${disabledMasterGitignoreName}" "${gitignoreRoot}/.gitignore"
    echo "Enabled ${gitignorePath}/.gitignore"
elif [ $masterGitignoreExists ]
    rm -f "${gitignorePath}/.gitignore"
    if [ masterGitignoreExists ]
      echo "Disabled ${gitignorePath}/.gitignore"

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