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Using WikiLeaks to Shape History as it Happens

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The problem with working to change United States foreign policy is that you're never really sure what it's going on behind the curtain. By the time you have submitted a FOIA request and the government deems your information save, the present has passed into history. Which raises the question, will Wikileaks bring us the transparency we need to be able to understand the internal workings of US covert operations?

Dreaming of Corporate Social Responsibility

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Karnani makes the case that corporate responsibility is a distraction from the true purpose of companies, to maximize shareholder value. Reading through his article, I found myself persuaded in the opposite direction.

At EchoDitto, we are engaged in a continuous conversation about what it means to be a responsible company: who we want to work with, what we want to do, and how we work for a sustainable world.

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